4 MOM’s MAMAROO Review

One of the most daunting things when you become is how you’re going to go about your everyday life whilst still caring for your baby. Zoe and I were in total agreement that looking after the baby was the easy bit; it was the juggling with all the other stuff that was the challenge. By other stuff I mean eating, washing hair and generally doing anything other than feeding and changing nappies!

Introducing the 4 Moms Mamaroo, I absolutely loved this gadget for the first six months. It was the difference between a cold cup of tea and a hot one, or managing to put on make-up and brush my hair. If I couldn’t settle Axel, I’d simply pop him in this chair and he’d relax or fall asleep. I remember looking at the price at first and pondering if it would live up to it, then Axel was born and I realised that anything that could give me 10 minutes to myself was worth it!


In a nutshell…

It’s a baby chair with different settings so it can emulate the motion of a car or gently rock to help soothe your baby. It also plays different white noise from ocean waves to a comforting heartbeat.


  • Do you like hot coffee? Yes, well you need one of these!
  • Looks good
  • Different mode to cater for different babies
  • Newborn insert
  • Reclining seat (fully reclines so your baby can sleep comfortably in it)


  • Price (although worth it in my opinion)
  • Heavy, which makes it hard to move around from room to room
  • It’s quite big, so definitely not good if you’re short on space

Available at Toys R Us


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