Co sleeping but not in the way you think…

A lot of you have been asking how Kit slept before he was in his own room. For Luna, we never got round to figuring out that a ‘next to me’ type cot would be a good option. Actually she spent the first six weeks of her life sleeping on my chest, as this was the only way I could settle her. Anyone who’s done this with a baby knows how a) uncomfortable it is and b) how little sleep you get. This time round I wanted to do it differently, for both our sakes!


Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to feel like Kit was sleeping with us, but from the safety of his own little space. That’s why the Snuzpod3 was such a brilliant addition to the house. It attaches easily and quickly to the side of your bed, has these great mesh walls so you can see baby sleeping and can be put on an incline, if like us your little one has reflux. The bassinet can be lifted off so if you’re busy in the kitchen and want them close to you, then you can just walk them with you wherever you are in the house. The stand also rocks which is great if bubba needs a little bit of help to get to sleep…I used to sit at the end of the bed and rock him using my foot! You can also choose from six different colours, ranging from grey, to natural, to the white which we went for.


All in all, I really can’t fault this amazing piece of equipment. Kit loved it and I felt I got the closeness I was craving but I wasn’t worried about rolling over and harming him in anyway. For me and hubby, it was the best of both worlds…I just wish I had found out about it the first time round.



It retails at £199.95 and is worth every penny.


Happy shopping Mammas!


Zoe x

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