Zoe and I are always chatting about the things that no one warned us about becoming a parent. You’ve carried around a baby for almost ten months, your body has been through so many changes and you think that everything will be fine as soon as the baby arrives. A lot of which is true, but no one warns you that the thick, glossy hair you’ve enjoyed during pregnancy will disappear- just like that.

I’ve always been lucky with my hair, it’s thick and although I’ve been colouring it for almost a decade it’s always been in pretty good condition. When my husband started to complain that he was finding my hairs all over the house, I wasn’t too worried, and if anything my hair was too thick during pregnancy. A year after having Axel my hair just wasn’t quite right, I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong but I just couldn’t style it in in the same way as before. It just looked dull and greasy. So, when Sally Beauty approached us and asked if we’d like to try out a new hair supplement, Sugar Bear hair I was delighted.

If you’ve seen the Sugarbearhair supplements, you’ll know that they don’t look like the vitamins you’d find in Holland Barrett. The packaging is bright blue and the supplements themselves look (and taste!) like little gummy bears. On the appearance alone, I was skeptical as to whether they would work. I must admit that I thought they were probably going to be a bit of a gimmick, but equally I was intrigued to see if they’d live up to they hype.

To make sure the trial was fair and as Zoe is pregnant it wasn’t right that she took them as her hair was already looking stunning. So along with the help of one of our lovely Mammas on Instagram, I started to take them…

I’ve been taking Sugarbearhair for just over eight weeks now and I genuinely have noticed a difference, it’s hard to say if my hair is thicker but it’s definitely shinier and amazingly my hair will hold a curl for SO much longer now. My husband even mentioned that it looks bouncier! I’m really pleased with the results already. Our lovely Mamma who also tried them out reported back to us with similarly positive results and said, “I’m seeing a good difference, my hair seems a lot stronger and voluptuous, shinier and healthier looking so really pleased so far. ”

So, would we recommend Sugarbearhair for Mammas whose locks are suffering post partum? ABSOLUTELY!!

Available from Sally Beauty, £29.99 for 60 tablets.

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