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This time of year is just a nightmare when trying to keep your little one away from all the coughs and colds that are flying around. In fact, if they go to nursery it’s almost impossible to keep them well no matter what you do! In our household we are just coming out of nearly three months of illness with Luna. Poor thing had chest infection after chest infection, a nasty cough which we couldn’t get rid of, sickness bugs, high temperatures…you name it, she got it. It’s scary enough having a baby but when they go and get ill it makes everything worse. You feel helpless and they have zero immunity to fight off the virus…no one sleeps and well let’s be honest, its pretty rubbish! After two stints in hospital, one where Luna had bronchiolitis, and another where a urine infection went undetected and as a result she started having a seizure because her temperature was so high, I thought it would be useful to pass on some tips that have really worked when trying to combat the bugs and help your baby bounce back quicker.


Combat the mucus

The biggest thing for me was switching her milk from Cow’s milk to Goats milk formula (we use the Nanny Care one). I had been doing a lot of research on this and chatting to my friends who had done the same when their kids were babies, but I finally made the change in November of last year. Every time I gave her cows milk she would either start coughing so badly that she’d be sick, or become so congested that she couldn’t breath. It was awful to watch. I can’t tell you the difference in her now. Almost instantly the mucus production went down, she began to breath more normally and over the course of a week, her horrid cough, that two rounds of antibiotics couldn’t clear up, went. I’m not saying it will work for all, but it did work for us…try it, you can always change it up with a good hemp milk or cashew nut milk if your baby doesn’t like the taste of goats. I think there is a tendency to be scared of stepping outside the box with things like milk but Cow’s milk really isn’t’ great stuff, I don’t drink it so why would I give it to my baby?


A Plug In or Oil Diffuser –

These are fantastic and there are plenty on the market. Just simply pop it into a plug in your baby’s room and buy a great nebuliser oil (I get mine from Paul Hambly, my herbalist. I’ll talk more about him later) and let the vapour fill the nursery whilst baby sleeps. If you buy a good oil you can always put the drops on baby’s back and chest which again will help to unblock their nose and clear the chest. I swear by these, so does Georgia and you can buy them straight off Amazon for next day delivery! The Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser Wood Grain Humidifier is amazing! 




Chinese Herbs

This is a controversial subject! Some people don’t think that Eastern medicine has any standing and as a result they prefer to go down the western medicine route. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that sometimes baby needs antibiotics to clear up bacterial infections but they DO NOT WORK on viral infections and I think they are given out too freely when other options could be looked at. Again I just want to say this is only what we did and when it comes to the health of your baby only you know what is best. Luna had tempertures of 40 plus, horrid spots on her mouth and lips and a nasty hacking cough, I took her to the doctors and she was prescribed amoxicillin to clear up her chest infection. After 5 days of pumping her full of it, she was well for three days and then started to go downhill again. I took her back to the doctors, she was given another five day course and an inhaler/mask to help her breath and ease the pain in her chest. This did absolutely nothing and we ended up in A&E where a paediatrician told us she had tonsillitis and a viral chest infection, not bacterial hence why the antibiotics weren’t’ working. But for some reason he prescribed the same dose of amoxicillin but this time for 10 days. Over the course of the next few days every time I rammed this horrid looking bright yellow gunk into her body I knew it wasn’t doing any good. Her temps were still high and her cough was horrendous, I had a really poorly baby who couldn’t bounce back. Half way through this third course I went back to the doctors and saw a new one that I’d never seen before. He told me that he had three children, all whom he had never given antibiotics to and if he were me, he’d take her off them straight away. So that’s what I did. I actually felt really angry with all the conflicting advice but made the decision there and then to call my old homeopathic doctor, Paul Hambly and book a consultation with him. His verdict was a viral infection, too much mucus production, from dairy and wheat consumption and sent some herbs in the post that day. He also told me to cut out any wheat from her diet because wheat upsets the gut and if the gut is out, the rest of the body won’t be functioning properly. I pop 5 drops of the herbs in her water or milk twice a day and a scoop of a really good kids probiotic powder which has got vitamin C in it, and touch wood for six weeks now, she’s been really well. To get in touch with Paul his number and website are – 01892 783027 –


Steam it out

An oldie but a goodie! Get a boiling hot bowl of water, shut the bathroom door, get some vics or other rub/oil you’ve got, a massive towel which you place over the bowl, and then you and bubba get under the towel. Make it fun so it doesn’t freak them out, they will happily breath in the vapour quite unaware of whats going on. This really does work, give it a whirl.


A Balanced Diet

This bit can sometimes be harder than we anticipate. I can honestly say and I’m sure you’ll agree, when your little one isn’t eating properly, its one of the most stressful and upsetting things related to being a mum. I had visions of Luna chomping down broccoli and snacking on asparagus but over the last six months it has become increasingly harder to get her to eat any green veg. I now hide her veg in sauces, quiches and smoothies which she seems to love. A good tip is grating some courgette and carrot very finely into baby’s favourite pasta sauce, sprinkle some cheese on top and voila they are fooled! If you’re tearing your hair out remember it takes baby on average ten times to decide if they like something or not, so keep persevering, it’ll come good in the end.


Zoe xx





  1. Holly
    8 January 2018 / 20:01

    Thankyou for these posts…my one year old has been unwell lately and it’s changed her sleep as eating.
    Used to eat anything I gave her, now increasingly fussy and I had a meltdown today as she’s nearly eaten and I have to fill her up with milk (formula…which I also want to stop).
    Can I ask, does Luna have the goats mills bottles just morning and eve? Unfortunately mine didn’t take to goats so I’ll have to try another but don’t know how many bottles to still give and want to make sure she’s hungry enough to try food.
    Agghhh the stress! Xx

    • Zo
      14 January 2018 / 21:03

      Hi, hope you’re little one is doing a bit better by now? Two questions; how old is baby? And why can’t she have goats? Luna is 16 months and is now having just one bottle of goats milk (7 ounces) before bed…sometimes a morning one if she really needs it. If you’re worried it’s effecting baby’s appetite then cut the volume of milk down. So early bottle at 6am (4 ounces), then breakfast at 7.30. But let me know old they are first and we’ll go from there xx Zoe

      • Holly
        21 January 2018 / 6:34

        Thanks for the reply Zoe.
        Mines 13 months now.
        She seems ok on less milk, just doesn’t like goats milk at all, so I’ll try a different milk alternative.
        She goes down ok at 6.45/7pm, just wakes a lot, (have to settle few times evening and during night normally).
        Hoping this will end soon, lack of sleeps the worst ? Xx

  2. 18 February 2018 / 21:50

    I am just starting to learn about all of this. Thanks!

    • Zoe
      1 March 2018 / 12:33

      You’re so welcome! We are glad we could help in some small way xx

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