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After having a baby you can feel sore, exhausted, bloated, uncomfortable and overwhelmed…it’s the BEST but scariest moment of your life, and then you stand in front of the mirror and don’t recognise the person staring back…it can all be way too much.

One of the best ways of feeling like you again is, when you’re ready, doing some exercise. Not only does it release all of those wonderful endorphins (we all know that) but for those 20 minutes, it’s some time out and a bit of head space from your new reality. Something we all need. Georgia and I bonded over our love of the gym, we were lucky and joined a gym that had a crèche (I would really recommend this if you can, we used Virgin Active), and for that hour every day we chatted, laughed, did a bit of exercise and drank a lot of coffee! It was bliss.

If you can’t get to the gym or find them too intimidating, here are our pick of the best Instagram workout gurus that you can do when the baby is asleep, from the comfort of your own homes.

ALEXIA CLARK @alexia_clark (1.1 million followers) –

People seem to really like her! And you’ll totally fall in love with her videos too. The self titled ‘Queen of Workouts’, she posts three little vids a day and then does a full session on her stories which is always slightly more hardcore. We used to take photos of each move, save it to our camera roll and have it on file whenever we needed it. We both put getting back to fitness down to this woman, she’s amazing!

BRADLEY SIMMONDS @bradleysimmonds (227K followers) –

We love Brad, his no nonsense, innovative, exciting workouts always have originality about them and being an ex footballer he knows exactly how the mechanics of the human body work. Perfect for the gym or to follow at home, his moto is ‘Get It Done’…and ladies we wouldn’t want to disappoint!

CHLOE MADELEY @madeleychloe (159k followers)-

You only have to take a look at her body to realise she really knows her stuff! Not just for total body transformations, Chloe has a fantastic app called ’15 minute fat loss’ which shows you some great workouts you can do at home when time isn’t on your side.

ALEXA JEAN BROWN @alexajeanfitness (1.9 million followers)-

Mother of two Alexa is the master of post-baby home workouts. She posts great circuits, some even showing you how to use your baby to enhance your session. And just look at those pins!!

Zoe xx

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