Khloe & Bert – Joie Serina 2in1 Swing/Rocker

As you know when baby arrives, having spent 9 months inside you, the only place they want to be is on your chest, snugged in on top of you. With Luna she would only settle, or sleep for that matter, lying skin on skin across me for about four weeks. This is the happiest I’ve ever felt but at the same time I found it even more exhausting because even just putting her down and going for a bath seemed like an impossible task. Every new mum needs just half an hour of me time a day, to shut the door and feel normal again. This is why I loved the Khloe and Bert Swing/Rocker so much!

A friend recommended it to me and I’ll thank her for the rest of my life (Rachel Laidlaw you’re my hero).

This genius piece of kit rocks your baby to sleep, all you do is just plug it in at the mains so you don’t need to worry about batteries and it plays them a lullaby so they’ll be out cold for hours! Its bursting with options for your little one including six different swing speeds, a 2 speed vibration and a choice of five classical music pieces and five nature sounds. There’s also two dangling plush toys on the handle and you just strap them in so there is no worry about baby falling out.

If you look around you can pick one up for about £115 which might seem a lot but believe me it was the best money I spent…I didn’t actually need any other piece of equipment once this arrived and even though it caused a few rows between my husband and I (it doesn’t sit discreetly in the corner), they were worth it! Put this on your hit list, you need it in your life!


Zoe xx





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