I read something recently that said that children should learn to be bored, and a part of me agrees with this. BUT, let’s face it sometimes us mammas (and dads and grandparents etc…) are looking for an easy trip round the supermarket or a little bit of time to drink a coffee in peace and want something to keep that active toddler entertained.

Not the pre-planned activities you’d take for a long haul flight, this is the stuff you can shove in your bag at the last minute, that you’ve always got to hand if you need your toddler to just sit quietly for a few minutes!

Toddler Fun Learning App

Some of you will know from our Instagram stories that I’m becoming conscious about how much ‘screen’ time Axel has. I’m not totally against having a cuddle on the sofa and catching a couple of episodes of Peppa pig, but I really don’t want him to choose TV over toys. When I’m out the Ipad or phone is a full proof way to make sure he sits still and is quiet while I eat or shop. I came across the Toddle Learning app and was so impressed. It allows you set a time limit on how long you want them to spend on it and when the time is up a goodbye song it played, meaning you’re not the one taking the phone/ipad away!




Axel is fixated on stickers and so a simple sticker book is a great way to keep toddlers entertained with minimal mess! You might end up with stickers all over your outfit, but at least you’ll get a few minutes peace. Look out for books with reusable vinyl stickers (like the one linked below) to avoid leaving those white sticker marks everywhere.

Magna Doodle

I look on in horror when staff in a restaurant hand Axel some crayons and paper to draw on. Although he’s past the ‘putting everything in his mouth’ phase, when it comes to crayons this doesn’t apply and he actually eats them. While the crayon eating stage is in full swing, I’ve found a Magna Doodle to be an amazing way to keep him entertained. This Peppa Pig one is great and seems to distract him when he’s pointing to my phone and shouting ‘PEPPA’.

Sitting by the window

This might sound crazy and it might not work for everyone, but Axel is always better behaved when I sit him next to the window! He LOVES watching the cars, dogs and people go by. This is also a great time to encourage him to practice his words, I’ll point at things outside and test him while I’ve actually got him sitting still. Try it next time you’re out!


Georgia x

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