Magical bedtime stories with Moonlite

As you all know, Georgia and I love reading to our brood. It’s safe to say we’re a couple of book worms, dressed up in a pair of leather trousers (me) and a big bouncy blow dry (her). We were lucky enough to have parents that read to us every night when we were little. My mum still bangs on about the fact that I had to have Andy Pandy and the White Kitten read to me on repeat, until I fell asleep. And if she skipped a page, I’d correct her and ask her to start again. Yes, I was the most annoying child on the planet, but it did kick start my love for reading books and the magic a bedtime story can bring to the family. Saying all of this, we know how exhausting it can be  some nights to summon the energy to read to your kids. Being busy parents ourselves, we get that skipping this bit means a quicker route to putting your feet up and drinking that large glass of red! But we have both tried very hard to make it part of their night time routine and Luna and Axel now get excited choosing their books before bed. It’s so important to fuel their imaginations and build early literacy skills, so for us, it’s essential. 

We heard a frightening statistic the other day that only half of pre-school children are being read to, a figure that has dropped by a fifth over the last five years. Shocking! This is why we were so keen to team up with Moonlite to help bring back the magic of storytelling. Moonlite  gives kids that love reading, or the ones that maybe have fallen out of love with it, a special and magical new way to listen to and watch their favourite stories come to life. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you then fit the easy to use device over the front of your mobile phone, and it’s the light and the simple story reel that projects illustrations onto the ceiling of your bedroom. You then turn the tiny slides, which then reveals a new picture onto the ceiling, whilst you read the story to your little one.  The phone also plays music and uses sounds to total immerse you and your bubba in the moment. 

Little Red Riding Hood was the first story we chose, and I can honestly say, it was one of the most beautifully enchanting and spellbinding moments that Luna, my husband and I had experienced together. It’s difficult to put into words but I actually felt quite emotional. Luna was fixated and kept saying “wow”, whilst looking back and forth, at me, her daddy and the ceiling. She couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing…like she’d be transported into a secret world of make believe. I felt the same too, which is ridiculous really because I’m a mother of two with real life and real responsibilities slapping me in the face daily. But for those ten minutes, I was a little girl again, being read to by her daddy and I loved every second of it. 

I was initially concerned about bringing a mobile into the bedroom. Screen time is something I don’t overly fuss about, but after bath time, there are definitely no screens around in our house. I didn’t need to worry because Moonlite operates in night mode straight away so is calming, rather than being bright or glaring, and importantly the parents are in charge! 

The starter pack retails at £19.99 and with that you get one of my favourite books, Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider OR you can go for the Gift Pack, which is lovely and features Mr Men and Fairy Tales. Plus, the story reels are the gift that just keep on giving with titles including Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, Dinosaur Roar and more! 

As the darker nights set in ahead of the clocks going back this month, this is definitely worth checking out Mammas, we can’t rate it highly enough.

Available at Smyths here 

Big love,

Zo and G xx

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