Maternity Style – Dressing the Bump!

Lets not beat around the bush…maternity clothes are not the best! It’s hard enough having to watch the crazy changes in your body but then you are expected to disappear into the background with what’s on offer to wear. It’s either casual t-shirts, jeans and a jacket (which is fine but not every day) or if you’re on an evening out, random knee length, three quarter length sleeve lace dresses…no thanks! The first time round, I could get away with wearing non maternity clothes up until about six or seven months into my pregnancy but this time,  I was showing by 9 weeks, and getting bigger by the day!

Here are my top tips on what to wear and where to find them!


The first thing I’d say is invest in about four or five pairs of maternity jeans. I much prefer over the bump ones but this is totally your decision and whatever you feel more comfortable in. You don’t have to break the bank with these either. Here are my top three brands and styles that work with most body shapes and sizes.

  • H&M – MAMA Skinny Jeans – I have these in virtually every colour and work really well dressed up with a pair of heels or down during the day with my Superga’s.



  • ASOS – Tapered Jeans with curved seams – I love these for your super relaxed days. Comfy and cool, they look great with bump hugging stripy tops, longer coats, beanies and shades. And they are a bargain, £35, yes please!

Next up, I’d say get some great tops which will work with a simple black blazer, a leather jacket, or winter coat…depending on what time of year it is. Personally I like ones that either hug tight to the bump or at least nip in under the boob…otherwise I end up looking like a giant whale, swamped without any definition! Here are the three I’ve been in non stop!

  • H&M – MAMA Crepe Blouse – £24.99 – This one is SO pretty. I love the print and the ties on the sleeve are super cute. This blouse also nips in under your boobs. I’ve lived in it this pregnancy!


  • NEW LOOK I love this brand for simple T’s – Fill your boots, there are so many online but this is one of my favourites and it looks great with everything!


  • TOPSHOP – Dobby Trim T-shirt – Just something slightly different to the standard T – I love dressing this top up with a pair of heels and an over sized blazer and then wearing it during the day with my flat boots and baker boy hat.

Finally, it’s always nice to feel you’ve got something gorgeous in your wardrobe to wear on those date nights with your partner. I always try and have a few more lux items up my sleeve just in case I can summon the energy to stay up past 8pm!!

  • ASOS – Long sleeved floral maxi dress (of DREAMS!!) – I wore this recently to the Hello Star Mum Awards and I got so many compliments on it during the day. I can’t stress enough how flattering it is…if you’re having one of those days where NOTHING is working on you and you feel rubbish but you’ve got a wedding or event to go to, this is the dress for you! I managed three hours in black strappy heels from Dune and teamed it with a bag from Lamb.



I’ve found going into stores really hard as they have limited options and stock…but online, if you hunt them out, you can find the little gems that don’t cost huge amounts and will make you feel really special.

Zoe xx


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