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No one really tells you when you become a parent, the amount of time each day you will spend changing nappies. Sure, nappies are obviously on your list of parenting must haves but in those first few weeks, the reality of the endless bum wiping hits hard and it doesn’t smell good!

How many times have you gone to change your little one’s bum, discovered the delights that await you, had to do a full baby grow switch, got them back resembling your child again, only to realise thirty seconds later that they’ve done another poo. Yup we’ve all been there! My husband used to find dirty nappies spread all over the house, where I had got distracted and forgot to put them in the bin. He even found one tucked behind the umbrella stand in the porch…I tried to tell him our walk along electronic puppy must have done it. I’m not sure he believed me.

Being at home and not having a nappy bin is one thing, but the minute you step out of the house, it’s like our babies are programmed to save up all of their explosions for when we really don’t have anywhere to put their delightful unwanted gift. That’s why Georgia and I are loving Munchkin’s brand new disposable, portable nappy bin called BagIt. It traps odours, is super lightweight and great for those on the go changes. It also packs into bags and suitcases really easily as it comes totally flat, so it doesn’t take up any room. It comes in a pack of five and each bin can hold up to 30 new born nappies. Obviously if your little one is older, like Kit, you can still get loads in there as well. These are perfect to keep in your car, take on holiday with you and also pop in the bottom of your pram if you’re heading out for the day.

We really love this product and would recommended it to any busy parents who want to make the bum wiping juggle easier. What’s not to like! You can get yours on Amazon for £13.99 here:

Zo and G xx 

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