Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton

‘For strong, brave, inspiring mums everywhere’

When I found out I was pregnant I burst into tears…tears of complete joy and happiness. I had been given the professional opinion from two fertility doctors that I would never conceive without IVF. I have a very low ovarian reserve, meaning I have very few eggs left. But after only four months of trying, I fell pregnant naturally on New Years Eve 2015.

My partner Paul, a professional rugby player, had left his London club and moved to Cheltenham to play for Gloucester. Doing long distance and with a little one on the way meant only one thing, I was packing my bags after fourteen years in London and moving to the Gloucestershire countryside. Don’t get me wrong I was elated at the thought of a new life away from the hustle and bustle of the city but the reality of knowing no one soon hit me. Who was I going to hang out with? Who would be my gym buddy? Who would me and Luna spend our days with? My mum always said to me, “you only need one soul mate to do everything with when you have a baby, and then you’re set”.

Cue a chance meeting in a coffee shop, me three months pregnant and the girl sitting on the next door table a couple of months ahead of me. Blond and bubbly, Georgia was in the exact same boat as me, except she had married a footballer called James and was having a boy called Axel…my Cheltenham soul mate was born.

We lived one road apart and for twelve months we spent virtually every day in each others company with our babies Luna and Axel joined to our hips. To say Georgia was my savour is an understatement. We went through it all together…every sleepless night, every strange scary moment, tears, elation, confusion, sweat in the gym, laughter and ridiculous chats about our ever changing bodies…I was there for her and she for me. Being new mums had given us this unbelievable bond, somebody else knew EXACTLY what I was going through.

After one gym session we sat with our coffees and discussed what the babies had been up to during the night. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one stop shop online for all things mummy related?” we said… After a few more coffees ‘MADE BY MAMMAS’ was born. A place to come for support, tips, ideas on exercise, routines, healthy eating plans, style, beauty and much much more.

Whether you’re a new mum or dad, a seasoned pro, a career mummy, an auntie, a grandparent or someone who just spends loads of time with little ones, this is for you.

Zoe xx

My pregnancy story is a little different, James and I had been married for 3 years and were always asked the dreaded (for me) question of ‘when are you having kids?’, truth is we both knew we wanted them but were too comfortable in our baby free bubble that we just couldn’t pinpoint the‘ right’ time.

Queue, probably the most impractical time for me to get pregnant… James had just moved to Cheltenham and I had decided I was going to stay in London to continue with my career. After a really busy time at work, I started to feel run down (not surprising) and the feeling didn’t budge. It wasn’t until a close friend pointed out to me I could be pregnant that the thought even came into my head. I took the test wanting to prove her wrong, but guess what she was right and from that moment I knew that the wrong time on paper was actually the ‘right’ time for us.

I’m used to moving and so the thought of being without my friends and family in Cheltenham wasn’t as scary to me as it would be to most, I’d never felt isolated before so why would I now? Oh how wrong I was! I don’t think you ever truly know how much you need that ‘one soul mate’ until you’ve just had a baby.

Zoe and I were able to chat endlessly about all the stuff I swore I’d never want to talk about; routines, poo, how doing the deed felt for the first time. Having that right hand girlfriend was so invaluable and I feel so grateful for that chance meeting in that coffee shop. The Internet can be a minefield of information, but really all you need is the advice of other mums without the judgement. So that’s what we’re here for…

Welcome to the club.

Georgia xx