The Joolz Pram

Nothing overwhelmed me more when I was pregnant, apart from birth itself of course, than choosing the right pram. There are so many on the market and everyone has an opinion about which one is best. You see one in the shop window, but how are you ever meant to REALLY know how well it works? What are you going to do…take a life like doll sized version of your unborn baby and push the pram around John Lewis, testing out all of it’s intricate settings? Its confusing, expensive and let’s be honest, when you’re spending up to a thousand pounds on a piece of equipment, that isn’t the beautiful handbag you’ve always wanted, you need to get it right.

The first thing I will say is, go for something that is totally practical. There is no point in buying a beautiful vintage Silvercross stroller if you live in the country and need to get across fields to go to the local shop. Secondly, never ever buy a beige or white pram, it will be filthy within seconds of stepping out. If you live in the UK or somewhere that has a similar climate then greys, navy’s and black colours are all great options at keeping the rain and the mud at bay. And thirdly, do not over complicate things. You need a sturdy pram that will last a long time, is easy to use and isn’t too heavy.

After a lot of deliberating the Joolz Geo is the one that stood out for me. Joolz are all about positive design, so alongside looking good, they also do good as well. Back in 2013 the company started the Joolz birth forest in Columbia, where they plant a tree for every registered pushchair. They’ve already planted over 35,000 trees and are still growing. Ergonomic by nature, all of their pushchairs work perfectly with what our bodies can do. At no point, when you are pushing baby along, do you feel you are fighting against the pram. It flows and moves with the bumps in the pavement and gives baby a smooth ride.

You can specially tailor the look of the pram with hues that you love. I went for grey with a vintage pink nod, but there are so many options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The only negative that I’ve discovered is when you are reclining baby from upright to flat, the two grey buttons on the side of the pram can get very stiff and are different to push in. I suffered badly from an RSI (repetitive strain injury) in my left wrist and I found it really hard going.

A year in and both Luna and I love going out for walks to the park or to the shops in the Joolz. It’s classic, stands out and keeps Luna warm and dry whatever the weather. I would definitely recommend this bit of kit for anyone struggling to decided.

Zoe xx


P.S It even doubles up as a trolley…perfect for those trips to Top Shop!







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