Prepping for a holiday with a toddler…

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve just got back from a three week trip with Axel and my husband. We travelled to Dubai, Singapore, Ubud (Bali) and finally Seminyak (Bali). Before we left, I chatted to lots of mums telling them about our travel plans, most looked at me in horror and I really started to question if we’d made the right choice. Holidays with kids are definitely different, but I really think with some careful planning you can make sure it’s a smooth sailing as possible with the kid/s in tow.

  • Beauty prep with a mobile beautician- Even before Axel, I would find myself rushing around before a holiday and would end up booking waxes and treatments at salons I would never usually go to just to tick it off the list. This time round, I worked with Secret Spa the mobile beauty app who organised all my treatments for me. You can literally tell them everything you want to have done in the lead up to a holiday and they will fit treatments around nap times, in the evenings etc.. in the comfort of your own home, it’s truly bliss. All the therapists have been through some serious testing to make sure they’re up to scratch too, so you know you’re in safe hands.
  • Book a nearly two year old a seat and don’t bother with upgrades- I have to admit one of the considerations when my husband and I decided to do a long haul trip before Axel turned two, was that we wouldn’t have to pay for a seat for him. This potentially could have been the biggest mistake, Axel definitely needed his own seat. One of our trips was nine hours and we were lucky enough that all the aircrafts were pretty empty which meant he was always given his own seat, if he hadn’t it would have been an extremely different situation. We also made the mistake of upgrading with air miles, don’t bother there is far too much going on in business class for a toddler, you can’t enjoy the on-board bar, sleep on the bed or drink your body weight in champagne, so you might as well pay for the extra seat in economy instead.
  • Flight times- Night flights worked SO well for us. We’d give Axel dinner in the airport and his bottle, then get him off to sleep. This would mean we’d be able to have a bit of a chill before the flight and was still sleepy by the time we boarded. The feeling of the engine and take off, sent him straight back to sleep too!
  • Download EVERYTHING on Amazon Prime TV and have back up- Before we went away we downloaded a few episodes of Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam etc.. but thought we’d only have to use the downloads for the plane journey. Turns out, Amazon don’t let you play a lot of their shows abroad so make sure you have a backup. Apps like the Toddler Learning App allow you to download videos that you can watch when you don’t have Wifi.
  • Keep Em QuietWith everything else you need to plan for a trip with a child, let Keep em quiet be in charge of the inflight entertainment. They pack a little rucksack for your little ones depending on their age and length of flight. We took one for Axel and it was incredible filled with stickers, a toy fire engine, snacks… It was also really exciting for him to have a whole bag of new things. Highly recommend this…
  • A box of plastic toys for the pool- I hadn’t thought of this myself, but we stayed at a hotel with a kids pool for a couple of nights and one of the Mums had a bucket filled with cars, plastic figures etc… and all the toddlers crowded round to play. I then decided to go out and buy some while we were there and they kept Axel entertained round the pool, in restaurants etc…
  • Order the essentials, so you don’t have to pack them- Especially important if you’re going on a long trip like we did. If we had packed three weeks worth of nappies and wipes we wouldn’t of had any room for clothes. Amazon operates in so many locations you can get all your necessities delivered straight to your hotel/villa, alternatively you can find a local supermarket delivery service and order via that.

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