Review: The GB Pockit Stroller

There is nothing light about travelling with a baby, which I quickly learnt when preparing for our first holiday abroad with Axel. Along with all the everyday paraphernalia like bottles, nappies etc… you of course need to take your pram along. I’d already spent a small fortune on a snazzy travel system and didn’t want spend much more on a travel pram but I knew that I wanted to invest in something smaller and lightweight that we could use for holidays and trips into London (when I need to carry Axel up flights of stairs,why does no one ever help?), I did my research and found the GB Pockit Stroller and I really cannot recommend it highly enough.

It folds small enough that you can fit it in the overhead locker (even on the most budget airline) and is so lightweight that it’s really easy to carry. The design is sleek and simple and although it will never feel as sturdy as bigger design it does the job perfectly.

The only downside when I bought the pram was that it didn’t recline which made it a little difficult for Axel to sleep in but since, GB has updated this.

GB Pockit Stroller is the perfect travel companion!

Available at John Lewis

Georgia x

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