The Top Five Changing Bags Around

I don’t even think I knew what a changing bag was before I had a baby…in my eyes it had always been a bag that I put my heels and going out dress into, so I could do a quick change in the loos after work…WRONG! The change bag becomes more important than any expensive pair of shoes you’ve ever owned and god forbid you forget it and leave it at home. A beautiful lunchtime scene with the family, can quickly turn into sheer panic, as poo seeps up your new-borns back and you don’t have your change bag…WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DON’T HAVE ANY WIPES? The words we all dread hearing! My husband and I have pulled the ripcord half way into a journey, when we realised that Luna at 6 months old, had covered herself from head to toe in the brown stuff and we had left the sodding change bag in the hall…

You soon realise how essential this piece of kit is and getting the right one can make a very stressful changing situation, just that little bit easier. Get one with no pockets or sections and you spend your life rummaging around the bottom of the bag looking for sudacream, bonjela and everything you’ve rammed in there. What you need is a perfectly designed bag with Mama and baby in mind…

Here are mine and Georgia’s top five change bags for all your mummy needs!

STORKSAK – The Sofia (£150) – in terms of a change bag you don’t get much better than this. Beautifully crafted and coming in three different colours, it looks and feels like a normal handbag but has all the features of a nappy bag. Inside you’ll find a luxuary padded change matt, an insulated bottle holder (which will keep your milk warm for up to four hours), nine compartments to keep all your bits separate and can be wiped clean throughout. The bag comes with a super comfy long strap, 4 external magnetic pockets and looks really stylish over your pram. I can’t fault this bag or this brand…the Mammas give it a solid 10/10.

KeriKit – Lennox (£260) As you can see from the price, its not cheap BUT if you think about how much you’re going to use it, sometimes its worth investing in something you know will last, rather than something you’ll have to change every 6 months. The guys at KeriKit have designed this change bag with the fashionable mum in mind; it’s a classic look leather bag which is sophisticated and gorgeous. It’s also really practical and has all the features you want, change matt, bottle holders etc but with added extras like a washable waterproof lined food bag, a separate waterproof lined zip pocket for dirty nappies and a padded laptop sleeve section…when baby sleeps, you can drink coffee and get your emails done…or do online shopping!

Tiba and Marl – Elwood Backpack, £130- A firm favourite with insta mums, the Elwood backpack now comes in 9 different designs and has the Made by Mammas seal of approval (Georgia has it in silver). Looks seriously cool but has all the functionality that you want from a changing bag including a changing mat, bottle warmer and even laptop sleeve. It’s a great choice if you want something unisex.

Burberry- Black Nylon Changing Bag, £750- Okay, so this one comes with a seriously hefty price tag but, if you’re looking for a designer piece, you can’t go too far wrong with this staple. The colour is neutral and it comes with a changing matt and pockets for all your necessities. There are three compartments on the outside, meaning you can quickly reach those baby essentials. This is for those Mums looking for a post baby splurge.

Little Lifestyles-Hobo Shoulder Bag, £29.99- On the opposite end of the spectrum is this bargain. It comes with everything you’d expect from a good changing bag including; bottle holder, changing mat and pockets galore. If you’re looking for something practical and neautral that you can hang on the back of your pram, this is a winner!—granite/525073.html?cgid=pushchair_babychangebags#srule=Price+%5BLow+-+High%5D&sz=12&start=54 

Zoe&Georgia x

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