Troubleshoot: Eczema

A couple of weeks ago, Axel and I both had a little break out of eczema. I hadn’t suffered from it since I was a teenager and the only time Axel had any signs, was when he was a newborn.

I did a lot of reading up and there are lots of things that can trigger it including; diet, stress and allergies. I’ve always believed that dairy plays a big part in any skin issues I’ve ever had, but my love of cheese always wins!

As soon as I put the post out, we were inundated with responses from you guys with tips on products that you’d found to help clear up eczema. I seem to of found a few things that work for the both of us which I’ve shared below, but also all your wonderful product recommendations too!

Working for me


You’ll see from the photo (I have zero make-up on) the patch on my forehead has completely cleared up)

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser,£12.50: I’ve been using this to take off my make-up and I’m really loving it. It’s light, creamy and most importantly my skin doesn’t feel at all irrupted after using it.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Soothing Cream, £14: This has been a game changer, I’ve been using sparingly on the patch of eczema I had on my forehead collarbone and it has completely healed. I’d even tried a mild steroid cream before this which hadn’t seemed to help.

Working for Axel


Fifi and Friends: I really love this brand, you can only buy it in Harvey Nichols and the Fifi and Friends website but it’s really worth a go if your baby/child has sensitive skin. I noticed that Axels ecezma started to flair up when I ran out of the body wash, it might be a total coincidence but I feel save using their products.

La Roche Posay Lipikar AP+ Stick , £13 :This product is genius, it’s an anti scratch stick so if you see your baby itching you can use this to immediately calm it down. I also give it to Axel to use himself and amazingly he’s grasped the concept. I’m really impressed with this.

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Wipes, £1.47: Anyone who has a child with sensitive/eczema prone skin will know that you become extremley conscious when you put ANYTHING on their skin. Being a typical boy, Axel loves to get messy, whether that be drawing over himself with felt tip pen or rolling around in the garden. These wipes are great and don’t cause his skin to flair up like some other wipes have.

I’m hoping Axel will eventually grow out of his flare ups and until it starts to really bother him I’ll just keep using these products.

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