First Time Mum-what you DON’T need


Like many other mums, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, my natural instinct was to shop and get taken in by the latest gadgets and gizmos. There are so many so-called ‘must-have’ items on the market that it’s really hard to distinguish what you genuinely do need. I’m a complete sucker for a gimmick, and someone with a fun personality could pretty much sell me some air in a jar and tell me it will make me look younger and I’m sold!

Expectant and new mammas; here’s a guide to a couple of things you definitely don’t need to waste your money on…

The Snugglebundl

A Dragons Den success, it’s a blanket which turns into a bag that you can transport your baby in!

I remember buying this at a baby show and being so excited that I’d found something really useful. I told my mum friends about my purchase and how it would help me get Axel to/from the car- they really laughed! As much as I wanted to prove them wrong unfortunately it turns out you really don’t need a bag to carry your baby in.


Feeding equipment

I didn’t really know if I was going to bottle or breastfeed, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for both. I ended up buying four different types of bottle (HUGE FAIL!), an electric breast pump, breast milk storage bags, nipple cream, nipple guards, breast pads, breast soothing microwavable pouches….and the list goes on! Basically, my one piece of advice would be, it’s best to just buy the absolute essentials for the first few days and then work out what you need after that.

I only breastfed for a couple of weeks (a story for another day) so all the paraphernalia ended up going to waste and now I just use one type of bottle- Dr Browns!


Socks On

One of the most common baby clothing problems is socks falling off, everyone tells you how many pairs of socks you’ll lose so when I came across these I thought I’d solved it. Wrong, these little white elastics go over the top of your baby’s socks making them look like they’re wearing an ankle support- not a good look for a newborn!



Bedtime baby lotion, organic coconut shampoo, soothing bubble bath there are so many pampering products for babies out there. You could end up giving your little one a skin routine to rival even the most high maintenance adult. I bought the lot and it turns out Axel has really sensitive skin and now all I use is water and coconut oil. Again, just wait and see what their skin is like before investing.


Georgia xx

The Babocush –

I spent £109 on this because I panicked in the first three weeks after Luna was born, thinking she had silent reflux. She didn’t, she was just crying a bit. This is great if your kid is suffering from colic or reflux as it’s a safe way for your baby to sleep on their front without you worrying. We used it once and then I realised she would just sleep on her front on the sofa with me sitting right next to her…Dammit!


Nappy Bins –

I just don’t understand why I thought it was a good idea to buy a nappy bin, when basically I was just putting dirty nappies in a bin in the bedroom, and then having to move those dirty nappies to a bin in the kitchen. I was awful with it and just kept ramming nappies into my nappy bin until it was so full, then I’d leave them for a while…then you can guess what happened! You are much better off buying some nice eco nappy bags (Kit and Kin do some great ones and just putting them in ONE bin the house!




A Moses Basket –

I got ours from Mothercare and spent £90 on this stunning white basket which looked so beautiful, I could have curled up to sleep in it…Luna however didn’t spend one night in hers and instead we ended up using it as a laundry basket! She was a sleepyhead fan and spent the first 8 months of her life sleeping in that.

New Born Dresses –

Yes they look pretty but you soon realise that they are the most impractical things out there. Baby grows for the first 6 months are the only items of clothing you need! When you’re stripping them off on the loo floor of a restaurant because they’ve done one of those up the back poos…an annoying, fiddly dress with buttons will frustrate you more than you ever knew possible!

A Breast feeding chair –

I became obsessed with trying to get a chair to go in Luna’s nursery that would specifically be used for me to breastfeed sitting in. I had these visions of us having these wonder moments in the middle of the night from this beautifully upholstered arm chair, when in reality I was so shattered I just used to pull her into our bed and breastfeed with one eye open until we both fell asleep. I so wish I’d saved the money!Zoe xx







  1. 28 December 2017 / 10:37

    Thanks for this Zoe and Georgia! I’m an expectant mum and like to think I am being pretty sensible about what I need and don’t need, but one of the biggest stresses for me (apart from choosing a pram) is knowing how many bottles I need to buy etc. I am planning on breastfeeding but I keep thinking… “what if it goes wrong?”, “what if I can’t do it?”, “will having bottles in the house be too tempting to stop the breast?”. I think I’ll just keep the bare minimum and send hubby to out to the shops if it all goes ‘tits up’ (excuse the pun)! Great blog girls… can’t wait to read more! Love, Ellie (@everythingellie)

    • Georgia
      29 December 2017 / 14:24

      Hey Ellie, thanks for commenting. If you’re planning n breastfeeding maybe just have 2 bottles for emergencies or you can actually buy aptamil with a bottle lid just incase. And yes, just send the hubby out! x

  2. Louise
    29 December 2017 / 9:15

    Thanks for this gals, very useful! Those sock things are hilarious. Did you both use sleepyheads? My OH is saying we shouldn’t get one but I really want to x x

    • Zoe
      15 January 2018 / 11:46

      Hey Louise! It was the best thing that both of us used and we put the sleepyhead down to both our kids sleeping really well from early on. People say its hard for babies to transition from the sleepyhead to the cot but Luna did it in two nights…it didn’t effect her at all. Definitely get one! xx

  3. Helen
    15 January 2018 / 13:49

    There are indeed many MANY things out there and so often they are just gimmicky… however what works / doesn’t work for one person may work wonders for another! For example my baby slept well in his moses basket and I couldn’t be without my nappy bins. I agree that keeping it simple to start with works well, once the baby arrives and you get to know him or her, then figure out what you need 😉 keep up the good work ladies xxx

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