What to buy a new Mamma?

Most of you will know yourselves that when it comes to gifts you can be inundated with gorgeous outifts for your little one, which of course are very much appreciated, but lets face it, in those first few weeks new mammas (and daddas not forgetting you too) need a little treat too.

We’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for new mammas:

COOK vouchers

The last thing any new mamma wants or has time to do is cook. COOK vouchers make a fantastic gift for the whole family; all meals are freshly prepared by COOK chefs without additives, they go into the freezer and can be popped in the oven or microwave. They also offer a delivery option, which is AMAZING when leaving the house isn’t an option.

The lasagne is gorgeous!

Graze Box

Bottle or breastfeeding, looking after a newborn is hungry work! Sending a Graze box to her door is a lovely treat for any new mamma, having healthy snacks on hand is invaluable when you’re stuck with a snoozing newborn on your lap.

Mobile beauty treatment

Not just a treat for a new mum, I think I can vouch that 99% of mammas out there would appreciate this. Put the baby/kids to bed and indulge in a beauty treatment in the comfort of your own home (without the extra cost of a babysitter). There are various apps we love for booking at home treatments such as SecretSpa and Blowltd (available in London)

Cleaning/Ironing vouchers

Another gift that every busy mamma or dadda would appreciate is a little helping hand with the chores. Lots of different cleaning companies offer vouchers that can be put towards a whole host of different services. Ironing vouchers can come in handy when it comes going back to work/school!

Beautiful loungewear

Yes, it’s likely to get covered in sick and milk BUT remember how you felt when you had visitors turn up and you were in your holey old PJs. Having something comfy and practical, but also, luxurious and makes you feel even just a tad put together can be just the pick me up a new mum needs. The White Company, M&S and HUSH all do some gorgeous pieces!

Georgia x

What the mammas said:

@sarahfranrobson  My favourite gifts included bath treats and a bottle of prosecco! Our favourite joint gift was an M&S dine in for two meal voucher. From my hubby a day of him cooking poached eggs for breakfast, Brie/Camembert for lunch and shellfish for dinner!

@rachyjes Two ideas I recently used were a hello fresh dinner kit for 3 meals and a Seraphine breast feeding cover that also turns into a scarf. Both gratefully received xxx

@mychildsallergy My favourite was Aden and Anais Muslins. So soft, beautiful designs and I now wear them as scarfs

@shellandthelittlies  @nyr_official lavender bath salts were my best gift as it helps heal and is super relaxing. My baby boy received their baby range too which is fab!

@kimberley_04 A hamper of handy snacks for the mummy to be. Because we know to the minute the last time our child was fed but us..?! Hours, days?! X

@katiebibbs1 Order them some healthy pre cooked meals like lasagne and shepherds pie to be delivered the first week or two after baby is born, a few companies do it I believe but my friend did something like this himself for us and it was hands down the best present ever – meant we could focus on baby and bath and sleep (yeah right!!! )

@jeennieinthecity Totally agree- Cook! vouchers were such a brilliant gift.

@katepallett84I was given a copy of @survivingmotherhood_ The New Mum’s Notebook which is a wonderful journal and memory book but also provides support when you need it. Also loved Cusson’s Mum & Me bubble bath for some relaxing baths (well as much as they can be when you have a ginormous bump and/or a crying baby in the background) pre and post-baby. And finally, a hamper of locally made chocolate wonders from @chocalchemy. Because eating is guilt-free when you are trying to stay awake at 3am to feed your baby and you are supporting a local business at the same time. Win win

@rumallicious Meals from COOK, arnica tablets and bath soak, amazon prime! xx

@gemraffe I got vouchers for COOK so that I could stock up my freezer with meals so there was always something available to eat when you don’t have the time or hands to rustle up anything more than toast. Lifesaver x

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