What to buy a one year old…

Wow, I’ve never known a year fly by quite so fast, but at the same time change everything so much. Axel has just turned one and along with everything else that comes with surviving the momentous first year, is what do you buy a one year old for their birthday? Definitely not old enough to understand what’s going on, but too big of an occasion to ignore without at least marking it with a little gift. I really struggled to think of something to treat him to, that he didn’t already have, or that the grandparents hadn’t already ear marked as their gift to him!

So I decided to round up some ideas for everyone with the same dilemma. Some are selfish choices (probably the last birthday you can buy them what you want without them knowing!)

Presents that THEY might actually love:

  1. Smart Trike
  2. Toot toot racers
  3. A kitchen

Presents YOU want them to have:

  1. Teepee
  2. First shoes
  3. A snazzy jacket

Georgia xx

What the Mammas said…

@vongasjo Hetty/Henry Hoover sit and ride

@Melalblas Trunki Travel suitcase

@emmaswift Early Learning Centre wooden post box

@marzipan1976 A swing for the garden


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